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    Manufacturing household appliances intelligent controller products

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    Nantong Alan electronic technology co., LTD

    The service hotline:86-513-81812977 Mobile phone:189-6275-7558

    Production capacity

    Production equipment is the foundation of the enterprise

    Production capacity

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    Company in accordance with the requirements for anti-static electronic industry has a production workshop of 2000 square meters, equipped with automatic production line for SMT, DIP wave soldering production lines, product assembly production line, automatic component inserter aging test line, AI, and advanced production equipment, as well as ICT online tester, LCR testing sorter, pressure tester, power meter, etc all kinds of test instrument, fully meet the needs of customers.
    Company based on customer demand as the center of the internal quality assurance system, from product design, material purchase, process control, finished product testing, packaging, transportation and so on each link to be checked and assure the quality of the product.