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Electric control board safety measurement process should pay attention to what

source:本站 Updated date:2015-11-6 browse:1357

4.04 Safety testing Safety test work temperature electric strength, dielectric strength YD2673 hipot tester YD2673 elctric strength tester Q/EZ7. Chapter 5 section2. 81-81

4.05 working temperature leakage current leakage current XLD - 6 type a leakage current tester/XLD - a lekage current tester chapter13 GB4706.1-2005

4.06 transformer overload protection overload protection of transformers point temperature gauge thermometer GB4706.1-2005/17

4.07 "abnormal work

Abnormal operation "point temperature gauge thermometer GB4706.1-2005/19

4.08 electrical transient Fast transient/Burst BESTEMC / GB4706.1-2005

4.09 the ESD BESTEMC electrostatic discharge

4.10 surge Surges BESTEMC / GB4706.1-2005

4.11 Voltage sag and short supply interruption Voltage dips and interruption BESTEMC / GB4706.1-2005

4.12 clearance and creepage distance clearance&creepage short vernier caliper Callipers Q/EZ7. Chapter 2 section4.3. 81-81

4.13 heat to hold to heat oven heating cabinet GB4706.1-2005/30.1

4.14 fire resistant to hold to the fire glow wire tester glow - wire tester Q/EZ7. Chapter 4 section4. 81-2006

4.15 resistance to tracking proof tracking index (PTI) tracking instrument tracking path tester

4.16 other other