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Panel operation method and control function

source:本站 Updated date:2015-11-6 browse:1263

Master li introduced gree air conditioning, computer cooling temperature, moisture, and economy, time control and stage control, multi-functional automatic control, it can not only reduce the manual operation, and can save power. Below to KC a type 211 window type air conditioner computer control panel, for example, Beijing gree air-co maintenance center introduced the operation method and control functions.

(1) the POWER switch will push button to 3 f < ON) lights, represents the POWER supply voltage is too high or too T-shirt more than rated voltage 12 female air conditioner, electricity POWER (POWER) light. If the light is not ON, so bad for air conditioner, so protected, then the protector to cut off the POWER supply circuit. When the air conditioner without, will push the button to stop (OFF), air conditioner power supply is cut OFF.

(2) the function selection function select refrigeration and cooling dehumidification economic three block. (1) dehumidification: will push button to dehumidification, air conditioner through computer control the fan intermittent open, stop for dehumidification without refrigeration. Dehumidifier, fan and temperature control set, the wind and temperature is controlled by computer. Refrigeration function: (2) the economy will push button switch into a refrigeration S, computers perform economic refrigeration operation instructions. So-called economic refrigeration function is in the set temperature 2090. 29 ℃, will automatically by the computer control room temperature increase 1-2 cc, and the humidity is relatively decreased, while the air conditioner in the run is to save the electricity. While the economy is cooling, despite the power on, sometimes there will be a fan intermittent stop, open phenomenon, this is normal. (3) the refrigeration function: will push button switch to the position of refrigeration, air conditioning unit to perform conventional refrigeration function. (4) the most wind adjust: change the fan RPM, achieve the high winds and low air volume adjustment. Switch in the "high wind" position, the fan at high speed, switch on "low speed" position, the fan speed.

(3) the indoor temperature control in temperature control regulator of 20 t - choose one of 29 ℃ temperature as indoor constant temperature. For example, want to keep the room around 27 ℃ constant, then push the slider button to "7", a w, room temperature is higher than 27 ℃, the air conditioner is up and running, below 27 ℃, automatic stop.