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Control panel to improve the quality of home appliance

source:本站 Updated date:2015-11-6 browse:1248

In the Internet of things more hot now, electrical home appliances control panel also blended in Internet technology, the household panel here not only refers to the family use, there are many commercial control panel. Iot have so a few kinds roughly: home appliance controller, intelligent home control system, RFID wireless curtain control panel, cabinet air conditioning control panel, electric water heater control panel, machine control panel commercial soybean milk machine, humidifier panel, dishwasher panel, control panel, ceramic furnace control panel, automatic door control board, electric control lock panel, such as intelligent entrance guard control system, etc.

It is understood that the current panel industry segment is not clear, can be roughly divided into the electric control board, such as washing machine control board, air conditioning control board, lampblack machine control panel, etc.; Small home appliance control panel, such as soybean milk machine control panel, induction cooker panel, dishwasher panel, pressure cooker control panel, etc. Most of the production of small home appliance control panel manufacturers are extensive processing, can produce all kinds of small home appliance control panel, such production mode is not conducive to the differentiation of competition between enterprises. But along with the advance of technology, the increasingly deepening of economic globalization, some power panel manufacturers also introduced some advanced technology and the production concept. Such as gold core electronic production of automatic phase-locked technology in Germany, working frequency automatic tracking of the induction cooker control board, has the function of IGBT soft start, overheating protection, over-current protection, direct protection, surge current protection, surge voltage protection, low voltage over-voltage protection, induction coil turn-to-turn short circuit protection, the function such as response time less than or equal to 0.2 US, greatly improve the quality of the control panel and service life.

Usually, the intelligent controller belongs to typical technology-intensive industry, the technology innovation ability and design ability is the key to the competition between the enterprises. But the author found that, after a visit to understand if only on technology and design ability, for some small and medium-sized enterprise intelligent controller, will not become their survival "iron rice bowl", on the contrary, bargains, cost reduction, become numerous small and medium-sized household appliances control panel manufacturing enterprises have to face the survival of choice.

Electrical appliances intelligent wind development in the past two years is growing by leaps and bounds, and all kinds of "cloud" from the well-known electrical appliances, to the "net" technology, the new concept of popularity to interconnect technology, electrical appliances intelligent industry innovation, always start with the idea to create the market demand. In home appliance accessories, especially under considerations of technical and cost double electrical appliances intelligent control board, small and medium enterprises will face more clearly growing game. And how companies from many competitors to break, and how to do a good job in the road of brand, will become a problem many operators have to think about.

According to statistics, at present domestic electrical appliances intelligent control products accounted for 13.97%, future ascension space is very big, under the trend of consumption upgrade, the domestic market will continue to increase demand for intelligent household appliances, household electrical appliances intelligent upgrade pace also will continue to move forward; To improve permeability in the next few years, as the intelligent home appliance, home appliance intelligent control industry growth also may even faster than home appliance industry.