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What are the classification of the control panel?

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Industrial control board

Usually called power control panel in the industrial equipment, power supply are commonly can be divided into the medium frequency power supply control panel control panel and high frequency power supply control panel. Medium frequency power supply control board usually pick up on the SCR intermediate frequency power supply and other intermediate frequency industrial equipment, such as the intermediate frequency electric stove, intermediate frequency quenching machine, intermediate frequency forging and so on. And high frequency power supply using high frequency control panel can be divided into IGBT and KGPS, IGBT high frequency power supply because of its energy-saving, so IGBT high frequency board is widely used in high frequency machine. Common industrial equipment control panel are: CNC stone engraving machine control board, plastic, setting machine control panel, liquid filler panel, self-adhesive die-cutting machine control panel, automatic drilling machine control panel, automatic tapping machine control panel, locate labeling machine control panel, ultrasonic cleaning machine control panel, etc.

The motor control board

Actuator motor is automation equipment, also is the key automation equipment parts, if more abstract and image, is just like the hands of those who, for intuitive operation. To guide "hand" well, you need all kinds of motor drive control board; Commonly used motor driver control panel are: ACIM - AC induction motor control board, has a brush dc motor control board, BLDC - motors, brushless dc motor control board, all-digital fuzzy - permanent magnet synchronous motor control board, stepper motor driver control panel, asynchronous motor control board, synchronous motor control board, servo motor control board, tubular motor driver control board, etc.

Electrical home appliances control panel

In the Internet of things more hot now, electrical home appliances control panel also blended in Internet technology, the household panel here not only refers to the family use, there are many commercial control panel. Iot have so a few kinds roughly: home appliance controller, intelligent home control system, RFID wireless curtain control panel, cabinet air conditioning control panel, electric water heater control panel, machine control panel, washing machine control board commercial soybean milk machine, humidifier panel, dishwasher panel, control panel, ceramic furnace control panel, automatic door control board, electric control lock panel, such as intelligent entrance guard control system, etc.

Automotive electronic control board

Automotive electronic control panel also understood as: use in the car on the circuit board, constantly monitoring the car driving state, convenient, safe and happy journey service for the driver. Common auto control panel are: car refrigerator panel LED taillights, automobile panel, car audio panel, GPS positioning control board, car tire pressure monitoring and control board, car reversing radar control board, automotive electronic alarm panel, ABS controller/control system, auto HID headlight controller according to before.