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Is there any difference between electronic components and electronic components?

source:本站 Updated date:2015-11-6 browse:1356

Electronic component is composed of the electronic products, the basis of understanding the types of commonly used electronic components, structure, performance and correctly choose is to learn, to master the basic of electronic technology. Commonly used electronic components are: resistor, capacitor, inductor, potentiometer, transformer, transistor, diode, IC, etc., in terms of installation, the current can be divided into traditional installation (also known as hole DIP) and surface mounted two categories (i.e., also known as SMT/SMD).

Electronic components is the floorboard of the components and devices. Electronic components: refers to the production process does not change when the molecular composition of the finished product. Such as resistors, capacitors and inductors. Because it does not produce electronic itself, it has no current and voltage control and transform, say again so passive components.