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    Manufacturing household appliances intelligent controller products

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    Nantong Alan electronic technology co., LTD

    The service hotline:86-513-81812977 Mobile phone:189-6275-7558

    Company profile

    Provide customers with a full range of household appliances intelligent solution

    The development process

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    The development process:

    • 1, provide functional requirements; 2, business personnel and customer communication; 3 a tentative solution architecture, technical personnel to the customer to confirm; 4, according to the preliminary design scheme, make r&d quotation; 5, both sides negotiate, confirm the r&d, development agreement, the project to start; 6, determine the r&d schedule; 7, according to the design scheme of hardware and software design; 8 and PCB proofing; The model of software and hardware engineers, software and hardware together alignment; 10 after the test, research and development department, 11 quality and appearance inspection, sample inspection, packaged goods; Customers pay the progress payment; 12, the customer, when confirmed signed confirmation sample, research and development project completion. Subsequent to production service process.