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    Manufacturing household appliances intelligent controller products

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    Nantong Alan electronic technology co., LTD

    The service hotline:86-513-81812977 Mobile phone:189-6275-7558

    Company profile

    Provide customers with a full range of household appliances intelligent solution

    Company profile

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    Nantong Allen electronic technology co., LTD., is located Yu Haian software park, the company has many years of industry service experience, for customers to electronic product development design, industrial automation control system development and design, electronic circuit hardware and software debugging and other services, and to undertake OEM/ODM orders, is the project research and development, production and manufacturing, technical support as the leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Allen electronic research and development capabilities, with more platforms to complete production testing equipment, perfect quality control system, and the complete project management and supply chain management system, can complete the electronic products of industrial automation products and complete solutions.
    Company has built up to the standard of anti-static electronic circuit board manufacturing plant, can undertake circuit board components of the generation of processing services, including the transition in the late production of circuit boards, SMT processing, DIP welding processing, functional test, aging test.